Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashion and Closet Cleaning

Every girl finds their creative outlet.

For some, that may be cooking, creating beautiful works of art, building their career as a professional of some sort. Mine happens to be fashion. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I enjoy putting pieces of my own together to create new looks. Of course, not all women can afford to buy every piece of clothing they desire. Therefore, I am going to start picking pieces from my closet, good and bad and try to rework them into feminine and fashionable pieces, while cleaning out the closet at the same time.

It is so refreshing to clean out my closet and create my beginning/new look. So every now and then I will be posting pictures of what I am cleaning out/throwing away and will begin to let these pieces go—some will be hard and some I will just give a dramatic wave goodbye.
Yes, it is sort of ironic that I will be posing in clothes that I will be giving away (for a good cause), but I am celebrating the past and very much so embracing the future.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Victoria Leigh

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