Sunday, September 25, 2011

Piece and Portrait No. 1

Hello all!

I was so excited to create my first post that I almost rushed it a little too much but so it goes. I picked out my first piece that I am donating.

The piece is from Forever21. It is at least four years old. It is a dark purple, sleeveless top that has ruffles and buttons down the middle. It has a collar that buttons up, which creates an elegant, professional look. I paired it with a long black pencil skirt,also from Forever21, with a 7-year-old belt from a wholesale shop, as well as black tights and black heals.

When I looked at the shirt hanging up in my closet, I thought, “this dusty thing has got to go.” I think I have only worn it once since I got it! I showed my roommate and she gave it a smirk, but when I put it on, we thought differently. It is actually very elegant and could be a good supplement to anyone’s wardrobe. As for me, it just isn’t my color.
I can’t wait to donate my clothes to someone in need. I feel like a young girl/woman could really appreciate this shirt more than I ever did.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Victoria Leigh

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