Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Distant Hours

I have never taken myself for a big reader. Often times, my hopes are crushed because I have always loved a specific type of novel. Though, I never knew what genre of novels I love most.

I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. When I saw this book, I was immediately intrigued. It is dark, mysterious and strongly attracted my attention. So I hurried home and bought it off Amazon for a few dollars. I started the book a couple of months ago but for some reason only read until Page 150 and never thought of it again.

I recently went on a road trip where I was required to spend 12 hours each way in the car. I saw it lying in my box of books before I left and decided to give it a try.

I fell in love.

The book is about Edie Burchill, an assistant editor at a small publishing house in London, England whose inspiration to become an avid reader came from the classic novel, The Mud Man. She finds the castle at which the author, Raymond Blythe and his three daughters lived and finds that she is able to take a private tour of the castle. She is surprised at the dark and shadowy atmosphere of the house.

I cannot present too much information from the book because I want you, dear reader, to read the book. It has re-established my love for novels and stories that are not often of this world. The Distant Hours takes the reader on a ride into Edwardian Society and into a love story that rivets your soul. It has sparked my interest in the Gothic Fiction genre of books and I do not think it will stop any time soon.

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