Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

Let me just say, LOOK AT HELENA BONHAM CARTER'S ADORABLE OUTFIT. I really want to replicate this.

Okay, now that is over with. You know when you see a couple and you just think "they are ridiculously adorable." Well, that is exactly how I feel about Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter. It is like fate wanted to intertwine their dark, mystical lives and create the ultimate arcane powerhouse.

To me, they are the ultimate couple. None of his Brangelina nonsense. Tim Burton is a great director, produce and animator. He has created classics like The Nighmare Before Christmas and Coraline. His movies lift you out of your seat and take you into the dark and dreary world that exists somewhere in Neverland. I have always wanted to be that creative. He creates these worlds where if Gothic Fiction were animated, they would occur within those scenes. I love the imaginative roller coaster their movies take me on. They are the Inception of mystical feature films.

As for Helena Bonham Carter, she is just as genius as her opposite. She takes the words off a script and creates a multi-dimensional character that has a past, present and future without actually portraying the past, present or future. I have heard that she asks her psychologist mother to analyze her characters for her to give a pyschological background/analysis of her characters. It is true acting if you can understand the motivations and emotions of your character more than you understand your own self. It is a true art.

It is my dream to work with one of them one day.

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LenoreNeverM♡re said...

interesting family i bet!
adore Helena!!

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