Sunday, November 6, 2011


I do not consider myself religious. In fact, I have not declared a religion, nor do I plan to unless I truly find one that I agree with. Not that I am opposed to religion but when I came to college, my eyes and ears were opened to being myself without set rules.

Have you imagined life without rules? Don't get me wrong. I do not think it is okay to physically or emotionally harm another living thing and I do not believe it is okay to lie, cheat or steal. But can only think, as humans, those rules are already ingrained in us. In other words, I believe we are naturally good. We know right from wrong because we experience love when we are born. Theoretically/hopefully we were conceived out of our parents love and adoration for each other, thus we were born and welcomed into the world with love and adoration. 

What I am talking about here are the rules society/popular culture has set on us as we grow into who we are. If you are too fat, you are not attractive. If you are a woman, you are paid 75 percent what a man gets paid. If you are black, you are stereotyped. All of these rules and guidelines society puts on us to make us act in a way that is not ourselves but is the vision of the social norm. 

I grew up in a Christian family. Generations of working to middle class Christian people that never experienced life. Nearly 100 percent of my relatives have not traveled, have not seen the world and experienced what it has to offer. 

I am vowing and committing my life to learning new things, experiencing places and people I would never have dreamed of five years ago. I want to love immensely, without any rules.

That is my new life goal. 

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