Sunday, November 13, 2011

Want: UO Navajo Prints

-I won't ever call myself an artist or a designer because I'm not. But I can appreciate it. And as a consumer/viewer of design, I find that having a wholeness/conceptual idea is so important because it enhances my experience with the product.

-I am loving UO's Navajo Print Collection right now. Now, all I want to wear is native american print. It reminds me of a few interviews I am doing at work. And the bulky sweaters they have for fall and the bright colors + dimensions create this new autumn feel. Chai, a good book and one of these sweaters are definitely in store for me.

-Recently at work I've been typing interviews of local award-winning Native American Artists and it has inspired me to look into Native American art and design. One of the reasons why I think it is so fantastic is because they refer to their traditional beliefs and ceremonies, like the peyote ceremony or the story of the white buffalo.

Whenever art and design has significant spiritual meaning, it creates this spirituality to the concept of the piece.

Victoria Leigh


peachesandnothing said...

I love tribal print, your pictures didn't come up properly on my computer so had to click on them to see them, lovely though, I want a cape like the first one x

victorialeigh said...

Thanks for the heads up on the pictures. I'll try and figure that out. And agreed, the cape is to die for. Wouldn't mind the pants either!

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